Birthplace: Beardstown
Spouse: Robert (deceased)
Children/ages: Andrew, 32; Amy, 25
Education/special training: Passavant School of Nursing; Certified Registered Nurse First Assistant program from Professional Assistants PRN.
How long at Passavant/job title: 25 years/Specialty Service Coordinator; CRNFA.
Previous work experience: Memorial Medical Center, Mason District Hospital, Mason County Health Department
Hobbies/special interests: Camping, scrapbooking, and being a grandma
How I describe myself: Easy-going
Pets: Fish
Favorites: Holiday: Fourth of July; Season: Spring; Food: Seafood and sweets; Song/Artist: I Don’t Want This Night to End/Luke Bryan; Vacation: Hawaii; Movie: Any of the Die Hard movies; Part of job: Scrubbing.
Some of my job responsibilities: I assist the surgeons during surgery, bring in new equipment for trials, and serve as speciality coordinator for general, gynecological, and urology services
Describe a time you went “above and beyond” in your job: I try to do my best every day
Why should individuals choose Passavant? We provide excellent care and personalized service at Passavant
And the nomination said: Sharon has been present on several occasions in my recent history at Passavant. Most significantly a year ago when I required life saving emergency surgery. She was a comfort during and after with my 10-day stay in the hospital. Most recently, I had the one-year follow up colonoscopy to assure my wonderful surgeon, Dr. Hallam, and myself. Quite understandably after last year, I was extremely nervous about what should be quite routine. Sharon was, once again, in surgery. She went out of her way to calm my fears and make me comfortable. Sharon seems to have great professional skills, compassion and insight as to what the patient needs emotionally.