Social Services

A Social Services representative is available to assist patients and their families with practical service needs. At no charge, a representative can assist in meeting personal and family needs before and after discharge, such as:

Complete an Advance Medical Directive

If you want to learn about or complete an Advance Medical Directive, such as Living Will, Power of Attorney for Health Care or Property, a member of our Social Service Department is available to assist . There is no charge for this service.
Arrange Nursing Home Placement

If you or a family member require short-term rehabilitation placement or long-term placement, the Social Services Department is available to assist you and your family.
Administer Memory and Alzheimer Screenings

Passavant Area Hospital is a primary provider site for the SIU School of Medicine Memory and Aging Clinic. If you feel you or a family member is having difficulty with memory, contact the Social Services Department for a free Memory/Alzheimer Screening.

Obtain financial information, including Medicare and Medicaid

  • Social Services will initiate a Medicaid application for eligible persons requiring assistance.
  • Provide confidential patient |and family counseling and support.
  • Make referrals to community-based agencies and support groups.

The telephone number is (217) 245-9541, extension 3287.

New Start Date for Walking for Wellness

Posted on: September 21, 2017

Walking for Wellness at the Jacksonville High School Bowl returns for another season of exercise and fellowship Monday, Oct. 2. The Walking for Wellness program provides a safe place in which to get walking exercise when weather conditions make walking outside unpleasant or dangerous. The program is open 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day Jacksonville School District 117 is in session. The program is closed during school holidays (including Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation) and any day school is not in session. On average, 75 people walk at the JHS Bowl each day the program is open—resulting in about 6,400 “encounters” with community members during the five months each year that Walking for Wellness is in session. Walking for Wellness is also offered year-round at First Christian Church, 2106 S. Main, in South Jacksonville. The church is open to walkers Monday-Friday 12:30 to 3 p.m. Walkers there should use the south entrance. There is no cost to participate in Walking for Wellness. Registration is not required. For additional details on Walking for Wellness, please call Passavant’s Marketing and Communications Department, 245-9541, extension 3129.

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