Passavant HomeCare

Passavant HomeCare offers home health products to the Jacksonville and seven surrounding counties. Passavant HomeCare provides such health products such as oxygen, CPAP/BIPAP, hospital beds, walking aids, diabetic supplies, scooters, and lift chairs. Two certified fitters are available for all mastectomy needs.

In addition, Passavant HomeCare has a full-time respiratory therapist. Delivery services is also provided.

Passavant HomeCare bills most insurances, including Medicare and IDPA.

Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Passavant HomeCare is located at 306A North Westgate, Jacksonville. After hour emergency service is also available. Call 245-8365 for more information.

Employees of the Month: April-August

Posted on: October 7, 2015

Passavant Area Hospital’s April 2015 Employee of the Month is Becky Grady, Cardiopulmonary. Becky is a LPN in the Cardiopulmonary Department. She has been a past employee for three years. As an LPN, Becky is responsible for breathing treatments, EKGs, ventilators, bipap/cpap, being an early responder and Code 70 responder, and traveling with patients who are on ventilators on transfers. Her nomination form read, “She was very kind and considerate of my needs. Becky came on time for my breathing treatments and did palpitations on my back, and even rubbed it afterwards. She is very good at what she does. I came to be very close to Becky for the concern and genuine kindness she showed me.” Becky resides in Arenzville. Passavant Area Hospital’s May 2015 Employee of the Month is Kevin Brunstein, Imaging Services. Kevin is a nuclear medicine technologist in the Imaging Services Department. He’s been employed at Passavant for 23 years. As a nuclear medicine technologist, Kevin is responsible for performing and processing nuclear medicine tests, answering calls and questions from physicians and patients, and ordering and preparing the radiopharmaceuticals. His nomination form read, “My son was apprehensive about a test because he didn’t know what was going to happen. I was apprehensive too. Kevin took the time to talk about what was going to happen and went out of his way to make my son and me feel at ease. He did his absolute best to make my son feel comfortable. I feel so blessed to have Kevin as the technician that day. He made our day much easier. Kevin is truly an asset to your team at Passavant. Kevin resides in Jacksonville. Passavant Area Hospital’s June 2015 Employee of the Month is Haley Dereak, Two South. Haley is a registered nurse on the Two South nursing unit. She’s been employed at Passavant for four years. As a registered nurse, Haley provides direct care to her assigned patients. Her nomination form read, “I would love to nominate all of the individuals that helped take care of me while I was in the hospital, but Haley stands out to me because she was very caring and made sure my son was comfortable when he visited me. She was always sympathetic and showed concern with my health issues and made sure I was comfortable.” Haley resides in Winchester. Passavant Area Hospital’s July 2015 Employee of the Month is Joe Jiardina, Ambulatory Surgery. Joe is a registered nurse in Ambulatory Surgery. He has been employed at Passavant for 14 years. As a registered nurse, Joe serves as patient advocate, contributes as part of the surgical team, and assists in the maintenance of the Surgery Department. His nomination form read, “In a high stress environment, keeping focused and calm can be a difficult task, but Joe is someone who can remain ‘on task’ in these situations. It’s a pleasure working with such a qualified person in demanding conditions. Joe is someone who other employees can go to for advice in difficult situations. We are proud to be associated with such a fine nurse.” Joe and his wife, Regina, reside in New Berlin. Passavant Area Hospital’s August 2015 Employee of the Month is Purisima Wells, Environmental Services. Purisima is a housekeeper in the Environmental Services Department. She’s been employed at Passavant for five years. As a housekeeper, Purisima is responsible for keeping the hospital clean and sanitary, setting up meetings, and answering calls as needed. Her nomination form read, “Purisima is a shining star. She truly went out of her way to help the Environmental Services Department. She worked the night shift for over three months. While doing this, she worked by herself without any help. Purisima is a true asset for this organization; she goes above and beyond every day to help patients, visitors, and other staff throughout the hospital. Purisima’s best quality is her smile; no matter how bad a night she has had, she is always smiling.” Purisima resides in Virginia. The Employee of the Month at Passavant receives a cash award, an Employee of the Month lapel pin, wall plaque, engraved writing instrument, coffee mug, meal certificates for use in the hospital cafeteria, and a day of with pay.  

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