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At Passavant Area Hospital, one of our goals is to promote a healthy life-style to the communities we serve. We’ll help you live that healthy life-style by providing educational programs, Community Health Talks, support groups, health and nutritional counseling, and more. Here’s what we offer:

Community Health Talks
Passavant offers  Community Health Talks throughout the year. Each Talk is presented at no cost, but registration is required. Check the Events Calendar, email, or call (217) 479-5800, for more information.

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Passavant is an American Heart Association Training Center and offers a variety of CPR courses, including basic and advanced cardiac life support, basic and advanced pediatric life support, provider, and renewal. Call (217) 245-9541, extension 3890, or check the Events Calendar for a current list of classes.

Prepared Childbirth Education
This class is designed for women in their sixth month of pregnancy and their coaches, this one-day class deals with the birth process and covers breathing and relaxation techniques, C-section preparation, discomforts associated with pregnancy, and the tools (e.g. epidurals) for coping with the discomforts. This class will also review feeding options and the advantages of breastfeeding along with planning for separation related to work, school, or other activities. A tour of the Maternal Infant Health Center is included. The class is offered on the third Saturday of each month.

Support Groups
There is no charge for participating in our support groups. Meeting dates and times are subject to change. You may review the list of our support groups using the link on the right side of this page. For more information, call (217) 479-5800.

Yoga meets each Monday at 7 p.m. Check the Events Calendar, email, or call (217) 479-5800, for more details.

January Blood Donors

Posted on: January 13, 2017

One hundred thirty persons donated blood to the Central Illinois Community Blood Center during the January 2017 blood drive at Passavant Area Hospital. The Central Illinois Community Blood Center holds monthly blood drives at Passavant Area Hospital on the first and second Monday of each month from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Blood is drawn in Meeting Room 4, just off the Main Lobby. New donors are continually sought. More information about the Central Illinois Community Blood Center program may be obtained by calling 753-1530, or by visiting There were no new donors in January. Platelet donors for January included: Randy Duvendack, William Jacquot, Roger Allen, Jared Maggart, and Carey Gaige. The complete donor list for January includes: David Agans, Ronald Albin, Thomas Asama, Robert Ashby, John Bailey, Erin Bauler, Deborah Beams, Jo Anne Beard, Merle Beddingfield, Norman Bensel, Jacalyn Bieber, Kristin Boynton, Sarah Brogdon, Linda Brown, Sarah Burton, Virginia Campbell, Jerry Carriger, Edward Casey, Christopher Cisne, Peggy Clemons, Pricilla Cook, John Courier, Kathy Courier, Christine Crabtree, Mary Crawford, Bonnie Criss, Judith Cumming, Edward DeGroot, John Demien, Stephen Dickman, William Doolin, Edwin Doyle, Timothy Duggan, Bobett Dunphy, Kristi Edwards, Mary Fergurson, Larry Flynn, Benjamin Fox, Charles Frank, Jerod Fundel, Stephen Gilbreth, Marcia Gillespie, Mark Gillespie, Geri Gillis, Merrilee Godek, Calvin Hance, Sandra Harden, Richard Harmon, David Hauser, Dick Hayes, Margaret Hendricks, Jeffery Hill, Betty Hillig, Amy Jackson, Keri Jackson, Susan Jones, Judith Kazmierski, Sharon Kellogg, Gerald Kirbach, Kevin Klein, Sandra Knight, Deborah Lair, Kathleen Langdon, Mark Langdon, Mary Lawson, Randall Lawson, Doris Lawton, Judith Leak, Tom Long, Nicole Maul, Joseph McManus, Mary McNeely, David Melbourne, Daniel Metz, David Meyer, Regina Meyer, Fred Moody, Richard Morris, Anita Moore, Thomas Moore, Tony Moore, Josiah Morris, Donald Newby, Cheryl Newell, Rita Northrop, Robert Northrop, Michael Ratliff, Elysia Riggs, Cathy Robison, Carl Sanders, Donald Schmidt, Jeffrey Schulte, Richard Scott, Shannon Shafer, David Sharrow, Martha Sheehan, Tracie Simmermaker, Danny Smith ,Wendy Smith, Allison Snodgrass, Andrew Souza, James Stocker, William Stout, Jeffrey Strate, Joshua Strotheide, Kris Templin, Veronika Thies, Konnie Trace, Kendra True, William Vaniter, Andrew Vasquez, Chester Vache, Frank Vignone, Alexis Vincent, Sue Walker, Tiffany Warmowski, James Welch, Joette Welch, Richard Welch, Christine White, Pamela Wilson, Barbara Wooldridge, Darrell Wynn, Jessica Yost, and Karen Zink.

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