Teleheart Program

Passavant’s Teleheart Service provides two key services for patients with cardiac problems: Event Monitoring and a Pacemaker Clinic.

Event Monitoring is used as a diagnostic tool for patients living at home with symptoms of cardiac arrhythmia. To do this, patients are asked to wear a monitoring device for 30 days. When they experience a cardiac arrhythmia, they simply push a button on the device that signals the PassavantReceiving Center to record the arrhythmia and alert the staff. Once the information is received, a Teleheart nurse reviews the recording for any abnormalities and documents the information for future follow-up.

The Pacemaker Clinic is for patients with permanent pacemakers and allows patients to hook their pacemaker up to Teleheart via a telephone line. The transmission is checked by the Teleheart nurse to ensure the unit is functioning properly and has adequate battery life.

Foundation Provides Grant for Volunteer EMS Providers

Posted on: September 19, 2017

Volunteer emergency medical services (EMS) providers in the Passavant Area Hospital service area are receiving a boost in their efforts to provide the best pre-hospital care to their patients. Pam Martin, executive director of the Passavant Foundation, announced today a $35,000 grant from the Foundation to seven local, volunteer EMS agencies for recruitment and training. Grant recipients include EMS providers in Arenzville, Chapin, Meredosia-Bluffs, Murrayville-Woodson, South Jacksonville, Winchester and Waverly. "The grant funds will be distributed in two parts. The first $2,500 will cover tuition, books and fees of volunteers enrolled in emergency medical technician/responders classes, with the second $2,500 used for the agency's greatest need, whether it be additional class training or the purchase of training equipment," said Martin. "Passavant is committed to provide continuing education for our first responder agencies and the Foundation is pleased to support this commitment." The grant will help the EMS providers in Passavant’s service area standardize training across all agencies. "As we integrate our existing EMS system with the Memorial Health System EMS system, it's important that we all follow the same guidelines," said Travis Wilson, Passavant’s assistant EMS coordinator. "This training will ensure that, plus strengthen our relationship with the agencies." Passavant provides emergency medical technician/responder classes for area agencies. The next series of classes starts in early 2018.

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