Birthplace: Jacksonville, IL
Spouse: Brad
Children/ages: Trevor, 41; Alyssa, 38 (husband, Justin); Derek, 32 (wife, Kristin).
Nickname: “Sarahbell”
Education/special training:  District #117 School of Practical Nursing.
How long at Passavant/job title: 34 years/L.P. N.
Hobbies/special interests: Grandchildren – SPC Nicholas Philpott, Rylie Mae, and Cameron Lawson.
How I describe myself: Loyal, dependable, sense of humor.
Pets: Nugget, West Highland Terrier; and Mamma Kitty.
Secret Ambition: Travel, to see more of the U.S.A.
Favorites: Holiday: Thanksgiving; Season: Fall; Food:Ribeyes; Song/Artist: Elvis; Vacation: Colorado (mydaughter lives there); Movie: Gone With the Wind; Part of job:  Ambulatory Surgery gets a variety of surgical patients and I love seeing new faces.  Also, I like seeing patients go home the same day.
Some of my job responsibilities: Pre-and post-op care, starting IV’s for GI Lab, vital signs, post-op phone calls.
Describe a time you went “above and beyond” in your job: There are days when the surgery schedule is full and we run 30 plus patients through (our unit holds 23 beds).  All staff go “above and beyond!!!”
Why should individuals choose Passavant? Passavant has always been a community hospital.  They support educational programs for the community, and specialinterest events – such as donations for the Food Bank and “A Taste of Home” project for our soldiers.
And the nomination said:I was really nervous about being in the hospital for the first time, especially getting an I.V. I have passed out before when other people are getting stuck, and yes, sometimes when I get stuck.  But Sarah talked to me and just had a wonderful way of keeping me calm and had the I.V.  in and done before I even knew it. And she came back to check on me several times and really made a day that I was really nervous about not too bad at all. She is a real asset to Passavant and the medical community.”