Birthplace: Right here at Passavant.

: Richard.

Nickname: AndiRehab.

Children/ages: Tina, 24; John, 21; Katelyn, 20; Kendra, 20; Brenden, 16; and Tristanna, 11.

How long at Passavant/job title:
  5 years/Occupational Therapy  Assistant (OTA).

Education/special training: Associate degree from Lewis and Clark; state licensed and certified as an OTA.

Previous work experience: 17 years as a CNA in a nursing home setting with a specialty in Alzheimer’s patients.

Hobbies/special interests: Softball (playing and coaching), reading, and any sport/activity that involves my kids.

How I describe myself: Self-motivated, hard-working, and a team player.

Pets: Five cats: Speedy, Cleo, Angel, Henry, and Mittens.

Secret Ambition: To cure cancer and end the pain and suffering of those currently fighting the battle, like my sister.

Favorites: Holiday: Christmas; Season: Summer; Food: Broccoli cheese soup and any type of pasta; Song/Artist: For You/Keith Urban; Vacation: Extended family vacation to Branson with all my cousins, aunts, and uncles; Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You/any scary/horror movie; Part of job: Making a difference for the patients and helping them achieve more independence in their lives.

Some of my job responsibilities:
Assisting patients to improve their ability to take care of themselves during their daily activities by increasing their strength and mobility. We aim to provide them with the highest level of independence.

Describe a time you went “above and beyond” in your job:
I try to always be a team player by helping out not only other therapists, but other staff or departments as I am able.

Why should individuals choose Passavant?
We provide a great service to the area with a hospital full of caring and knowledgeable staff, and we have the best Rehabilitation Department around!

And the nomination said: When I was a patient last month she took care of my bathing assistance. She had a smile throughout my care in bathing. She seemed confident in her job. Also, she was very conscientious about my safety. She had a system or routine in handling her patients when entering and exiting the shower stall. Her answers were polite and helpful with her assisting me in the shower. She is a great asset to your staff at Passavant.