One hundred thirty-three persons donated blood to the Central Illinois Community Blood Center during the March 2014 blood drives at Passavant Area Hospital.

The Central Illinois Community Blood Center holds monthly blood drives at Passavant Area Hospital on the first and second Tuesday of each month from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Blood is drawn in Meeting Room 4, just off the Main Lobby. New donors are continually sought. More information about the Central Illinois Community Blood Center program may be obtained by calling 753-1530 in Springfield, or 245-9541, extension 3694, during the Blood Center visits to Passavant.

New donors for March included: Robert Hayes, Dave Hoelscher, Brenda McCord, Sheryl Nichols, and Prosper Shaw.

Platelet donors for March included: Emmett Braswell, Herschel Carriger, John Courier, Dave Deweese, Randy Duvendack, James Elliott, Bill Jacquot, James Lankford, Dan Moy, and Vicky Vinyard.

The complete donor list for March includes: Wilda Agans, Jeannie Allan, Charles Ater, Tom Baptist, Gerry Barton, Jackie Bieber, Pat Boldt, Kevin Braley, Wendy Braley, Ann Brockhouse, Steve Brundage, Mike Carls, Bob Chipman, Coe Churchill, Nancy Clanton, Tom Clanton, Pricilla Cook, Daryl Darnell, Harmon Deal, Bill Doolin, Karen Douglas, Ken Douglas, Dennis Doyle, Barb Dunseth, Sarah Edmiston, Jim Edwards, Toni Estler, Aaron Evans, Larry Evans,  Bob Farris, Allen Fischer, Larry Flynn, Leslie Forsman, Bill Frisch, Courtney Glass, Debbie Grable, Linda Grojean, Robert Hadden, John Hall, Calvin Hance, Beth Hankins, Margaret Hendricks, Chuck Hill,  James Hinchen, Brent Hinthorne, Matt Hollendonner, Mark Hopkins, Doris Huseman, Keri Jackson, Elaine Jarman, James Jokisch, Clarissa Karrick, Mary Karsgaard, Terry Karsgaard, Patsy Kelly, Magen Kennedy, Steve King, Ron Lacy, Debbie Lair, Mary Lakamp, Mary Jo Lakin, Kathy Langdon, Randall Lawson, Ann Lawton,  Judy Leak, Jerry Lieb, Ron Little, Gerald Lorton, Amanda Luck, Linda Martin, Adam Metz, Sandra Martin, Fred McCord, Fred Moody, Steve Murphy, Elisha Nelson, Patrick Nelson, Fred Nergenah, Patricia Nevins, Judy Niemeyer, Jim Oliver, Sarah Pherigo, Kim Pohlman, Jamie Robison, Don Schmidt, Bruce Selway, Theresa Selway,  Joseph Sheehan, Janet Strang, Larry Strubbe, Patricia Smock-Foreman, Ronald Summers, Melissa Tattershall, Kris Templin, Mike Tischer, Bob Thomas, David Tiffany, Kaitlyn Toland, Jean Wagner, Sue Walker, Steve Warmowski, Daniel Watson, Jim Welch, Joette Welch, Jimmie Werries, Sheri Westerfield,  Pat Whalen, Tom White, Martin Woods, Darrell Wynn, and Sarah Yuska.