Birthplace: Hazel Green, WI; grew up in Galena, IL with six siblings

Spouse: Alan

Children: Both grown, Andy and his wife, Jennifer; Christina in LA; NO grandchildren

Education/special training: AA General Education; Diploma R.N./Freeport Memorial School of Nursing; certified vision/screening technician

How long at Passavant/job title: 36 years in September/R.N. in Imaging and HMR

Previous work experience: Five years (‘07-’12) as Bluffs school nurse (PK-12)

Hobbies/special interests: Reading, skiing, spending time with family/friends, traveling

Secret ambition: To be a fabulous, jaw-dropping singer/dancer (NOT on this side of heaven!)

How I describe myself: Hard-working, conscientious, empathetic, strong love/loyal to family

Pets: Tuxedo cat, Buddy

Favorites: Holiday: Christmas; Season: Winter; Song/Artist: Walking on Sunshine/Katrina and the Waves (it’s my ski song!); Vacation: Love Ireland and Paris; Movie: Dances with Wolves; Food: Sweets/chocolate, darn it; Part of job: Teamwork and making someone’s day just a little bit better

Some of my job responsibilities: In Imaging assisting with lumbar injections; in HMR, patient intake and education assistance, medical monitoring with doctor, PCP correspondence, working with health educator to monitor/improve patient outcomes

Describe a time you went “above and beyond” in your job: I just try to bring my best to my job, to the team I work with, and to the patient. I love for any knowledge or compassion I can impart to make a difference, no matter how small, for another person.

Why should individuals choose Passavant? Passavant has MANY hard-working, knowledgeable employees who bring their best to their job EVERY day. Imaging and HMR, for me, have created a positive, friendly environment by valuing me and what I do––what better atmosphere, influence to fully treat our patients! Thanks, everyone, you are the BEST!

And the nomination said: Joyce places her patients first. Her nursing skills are outstanding. I have several friends and one relative that needed injections to be done in X-Ray. All had positive comments about Joyce. “Joy made me feel at ease, even though I was afraid it was really going to be a painful experience.” Another told me that their comfort level goes up when they realize she will be their nurse. She is a great asset to Passavant!