Employee Benefits

In addition to a competitive salary, Passavant Area Hospital also offers an excellent benefits package that is comparable, if not superior, to that of a larger hospital. Depending on your category of employment, you are eligible for the following benefits:

To offer employees financial protection against extended disabilities due to illness or accident, Passavant provides short- and long-term disability insurance plans for eligible employees at no cost to the employee. All employees budgeted for 16 hours or more per week are eligible for up to 8 1/2 weeks of disability per occurrence after 6 months of employment. After 2 years of employment, full-time employees are eligible for long-term disability. Specifics regarding coverage details are available from Human Resources.

Employee Discounts
Employees and covered dependents receive a 25 percent discount on any unpaid balance on a Passavant hospital bill that occurs because it was not or would not have been paid by the Hospital’s insurance policy.

All employees may purchase meals from the cafeteria utilizing their ID badge. This enables employees to purchase Hospital Cafeteria items at a 30 percent discount.

Health Insurance
A group health insurance plan is available to all employees. New employees become eligible for coverage the first day of the month following 30 days of employment. The health plan provides three tiers of coverage-Home Hospital (Passavant), PPO and Non-PPO. Specifics regarding coverage details and employee contribution amounts are available from Human Resources.

Dental Insurance
Passavant provides a voluntary dental program through Delta Dental. The plan pays a fixed fee per procedure based on a schedule of benefits provided. The effective date of the dental plan is the first of the month following 30 days of employment. Coverage details and employee contribution amounts are available in Human Resources.

Vision Insurance
Passavant provides a voluntary vision program through Avesis. The effective date of the vision plan is the first of the month following 30 days of employment. Coverage details and employee contribution amounts are available in Human Resources.

Vacation is paid time for personal use. Employees begin earning vacation time on their first day of employment; however, temporary, per diem and probationary employees are not eligible for vacation.  The table below outlines the rates at which vacations are earned. (Vacation accrual is computed on a maximum of 80 hours per pay period.)

Years of Service        Paid Vacation Time

1 to 5 years                      1 day for each 208 hours paid (maximum 10 days)

after 5 years                    1 ½ days for each 208 hours paid (maximum 15 days)

after 15 years                  2 days for each 208 hours paid (maximum 20 days)

Vacations are calculated as of the end of the last pay period of each year at the above appropriate rate for hours paid during the preceding year for both full- and part-time personnel. These days are not cumulative and pay in lieu of vacation is contrary to Passavant’s basic management principles. Employees may use vacation days after one year of employment.

Personal Days
Personal days are given to employees for their own use and must be scheduled in advance, except in emergency, with their department head. Three personal days are given per calendar year to full-time employees. Part-time employees that are budgeted for 32 hours or more per pay period will receive one personal day per calendar year. Employees are not eligible for personal days until they have been an employee for three months (evaluation period).

Life Insurance
After six months of continuous employment, all full time employees are covered by a hospital-paid, term life insurance policy that provides for double benefits in case of accidental death, as well as specified benefits for physical losses sustained as a result of an accident. Employees may also carry dependent life insurance at a nominal charge. The employee life benefit is one times annual income with a minimum benefit of $20,000 and a maximum benefit of $50,000.

Tuition Reimbursement
To allow employees to improve their job skills and/or prepare themselves for another health care career needed by the Hospital, assistance may be granted to eligible employees for tuition reimbursement to an accredited college, university or technical school.  Reimbursement will be at the rate of 100 percent to a maximum of $1500, per academic year for full-time employees and $750, per academic year for part-time employees if the courses are satisfactorily completed with a C or better grade or a Pass (Pass-Fail). See Human Resources for details.

Annual Testing
During their birthday month, all employees may have an annual blood test.  An annual tuberculosis skin test is mandatory. In addition, female employees will be offered a screening mammogram using the American Cancer Society guidelines. If employees elect to complete these tests, they must do so during the calendar month of their birthday. In addition, female employees may also receive free testing for their annual pap smear if their physician has the testing completed at Passavant- this benefit does not cover the office visit or any other charges from the physician- only the Laboratory testing done at Passavant.

Credit Union
As an employee you may join the Healthcare Associates Credit Union and participate in their savings and loan programs. The minimum payroll deduction per pay period is $25 and members may participate in the programs via payroll deductions. There is no enrollment fee. Information about the credit union and its services are available in Human Resources.

Duck Race Winners

Posted on: June 5, 2017

Here are the winners from yesterday’s 23rd Annual Duck Race for Lifeline at Nichols Park in Jacksonville: 1st Place                Nancy Wood, $1,000 2nd Place               Morgan County Abstract Company-Amy Coats, $500 3rd Place               Angela Coffman, $300 4th Place               Bob Morris, $200 5th Place               Mr. and Mrs. Brian Glascock, $100 Passavant Gift Shop Gift Certificate 6th Place               Carrie Sheppard, $100 Passavant Gift Shop Gift Certificate 7th Place               Tena White, $100 Passavant Gift Shop Gift Certificate 8th Place               Brenda Coultas, $100 Passavant Gift Shop Gift Certificate 9th Place               Jacksonville Noon Rotary, $100 Passavant Gift Shop Gift Certificate 10th Place             Midwest Emergency Department Physicians, $100 Passavant Gift Shop Gift Certificate Passavant’s Lifeline Program provides 24-hour help and medical assistance. The event raised $37,555 for the Lifeline Program at Passavant in their mission to improve the health of the people and communities they serve. Bruce Selway holds the winning duck for everyone to see. His daughter, Katie, assisted him at the finish line.

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