Birthplace: Passavant


Education/special training:
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, University of Alabama-Huntsville

How long at Passavant/job title:
6 1/2 years/Night Operator, I.S. and Printer, Print Shop

Hobbies/special interests:
Farming, music, basketball, sports

Secret ambition: See Ireland and Scotland

How I describe myself: Lucky and blessed

Pets: Sam and Spider

Favorites: Holiday: Labor Day; Season: Fall; Song/Artist: Amazing Grace/Tommy Emmanuel; Vacation: Anywhere with family; Movie: Forrest Gump; Food: Monster cookies; Part of job: Successfully helping a fellow employee solve their computer “puzzles.”

Some of my job responsibilities:
Assisting employees with their computer problems; monitoring computer systems’ overnight transition to the next business day; processing and performing print requests from all hospital departments

Describe a time you went “above and beyond” in your job: I sometimes believe it is necessary to stay a short time into the next shift to either handoff or learn the solution to a particular computer problem or to ensure satisfaction on a print job.

Why should individuals choose Passavant?
My own recent experience was a great example of the wonderful care from a knowledgeable and caring staff from beginning to end.

And the nomination said: While I don’t know much about his work in I.S., I do know that his professionalism and outstanding skills in the Print Shop are invaluable. He recently made a special trip back to Jacksonville (from Franklin) to show us how to use the binding machine for a time-sensitive project. He did not feel he could give us the information over the phone. I’m pretty sure Chris didn’t even clock in that morning when he returned. Chris is conscientious about his work and shows outstanding service and respect for Passavant. He is intelligent, kind, and respected.