Birthplace: Macomb, IL

Ron (deceased)

Suzie, 44; Dale, 33; Steve, 39; and Sarah, 35

Education/special training:
Passavant School of Nursing.

How long at Passavant/job title:
20 years/Registered Nurse in E.D., Outpatient, Nursery, Pediatrics, and Three South

Hobbies/special interests:
Spending all the time I can with my grandchildren

Secret ambition:
To be taller and thinner

How I describe myself:
A fun-loving Grandma

Bear, a dog.

Holiday: Christmas; Season: Spring/summer; Food: Liver and onions; Song/Artist: International Harvester/Craig Morgan; Vacation: Husband and family to the Gulf; Movie: Sound of Music; Part of job: Patients and fellow employees

Some of my job responsibilities:
Reading telemetry and doing patient education

Describe a time you went “above and beyond”
in your job: I don’t believe I go “above and beyond” in my job. I do believe, we as nurses need to get to know our patients and their families. Sometimes little likes and dislikes can make a big difference. Above all, be compassionate.

Why should individuals choose Passavant?
Through my husband’s illness, we were in three other hospitals with some good and bad experiences. Above all, Passavant is a very caring and clean hospital. We do everything to help patients and families feel comfortable and cared for in their needs.

And the nomination said:
Betty Sue exhibits all the qualities a nurse should have. She acts professionally to everyone she meets, be it patients, staff, physicians, and visitors. She is very caring and shows concern for ALL patients; not just those directly under her care. Betty Sue is always smiling and friendly, no matter what kind of day she is having. Whenever I have a question or concern, Betty Sue does her best to help me. I believe she is one of the BEST R.N.s on the Passavant team!