Birthplace: Pittsfield, IL

Nickname: Pam Dunbar calls me “Shelda.”

Education/special training:
University of Missouri (BSN and MSN); also Trauma Nurse Specialist

How long at Passavant/job title:
Five years/R.N.

Previous work experience:
Illini Community Hospital, Hannibal Regional Hospital, and University Hospital in Columbia, MO

Hobbies/special interests:
Reading, history, spending time with my friends

Secret ambition:
I would like to be a better person, develop a super power, and visit all 50 states.

How I describe myself:
I think I am a nerd, but also funny and very practical.

Three cats: Ernest, Howard, and Oliver

Holiday: Thanksgiving; Season: Fall; Artist/Song: Zac Brown Band and Jimmy Buffett; Vacation: Anywhere with beautiful scenery; Movie: To hard to pick a favorite; Food: Haven’t met many that I don’t like; Part of job: My co-workers are a great team and I am very fortunate to get to work with friends.

Some of my job responsibilities:
I am an ER nurse so my job is to help people with emergencies. I have to be prepared for anything and after 10 years as of ER nursing, I am still surprised more often than I expect.

Describe a time you went “above and beyond” in your job:
When I chose to become a nurse, I signed up for a job that requires me to put my patients needs above my own. This is a job that occasionally requires me to help people when they are experiencing their worst moments, when they are confused and sometimes violent and occasionally (hopefully, briefly) wear other people’s bodily fluids. It is extremely taxing physically, mentally and emotionally. Being a nurse is going “above and beyond.” Specific examples are merely part of the job.

Why should individuals choose Passavant?
The community is very lucky to have something as nice as Passavant available and they should individually choose to support that.

And the nomination said:
My husband came to the Emergency Department (E.D.) and received excellent care from nurse Willman. In addition to her excellent professional skills, her sense of humor evoked much-needed laughter and back-and-forth joking that took my husband’s and my mind off the fact that he was very sick. Unfortunately, my husband passed away as he was being transferred to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, but the kindness and efficiency of nurse Willman and the entire E.D. staff made my husband’s last hours on earth as pleasant as possible.