One hundred thirty-seven persons donated blood to the Central Illinois Community Blood Center during the August blood drives at Passavant Area Hospital.

The Central Illinois Community Blood Center holds monthly blood drives at Passavant Area Hospital on the first and second Tuesday of each month from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Blood is drawn in Meeting Room 4, just off the Main Lobby. New donors are continually sought. More information about the Central Illinois Community Blood Center program may be obtained by calling 753-1530 in Springfield, or 245-9541, extension 3694, during the Blood Center visits to Passavant.

New donors for August include: Josephine Alsup, Judy Armstrong, and Chris Cisne.

Platelet donors for August included: Herschel Carriger, Dave Deweese, Randy Duvendack, James Lankford, Scott Maruna, Dan Moy, and Ivan Williams.

The complete donor list for August includes: Steve Anders, Larry Armstrong, Everett Birdsell, Keith Bradbury, Lucas Brady, Ann Brockhouse, Sarah Brogdon, Dorthy Brooks, Jean Brown, Kenneth Brown, Linda Brown, Robert A. Brown, Stan Burnham, Sarah Burton, Carol Busen, Ronald W. Busen, Angie Butler, Coe Churchill, Mary Cisne, Tom Cisne, Peggy Clemons, Donna Cockerill, Kaye Coop, John Courier, Stephanie Croak, Mike Crowley, Judy Cummings, Ed DeGroot, Emerald Dixon, Dennis Doyle, Sarah Edmiston, Gina Edwards, Wayne Eyer, Jensen Flinn, Terri Fryman, Steve Gilbreth, Jessica Gomer, John Greeling, Linda Griffin, John Hall, Janell Harbour, Scott Harbour, Philip Harrison, Emily Hart, Paul Herring, Tamarya Howard, Ralph Hubbert, Tina Hungerford, Barbara Hymes, Keri Jackson, Alyson Jenkins, Morocca Kells, Beth Kershaw, Vickie Kindred, Kendra Klein, Kevin Klein, Sandi Knight, Ronald Kyle, Debbie Lair, Mary Jo Lakin, Mary Lakamp, Howard Langdon, Sandy Langdon, Mary Lawson, Randall Lawson, Ann Lawton, Tom Leeper, Andrea Lietz, Kim Long, Pat Manker, Sandy Martin, Anna Mayberry, Janet Mc Cluskey, Bob McCollister, Richard McCormick, Jacque McDaniel, Lisa McElfresh, Joe McManus, Phyllis Miller, Gail Moore, Judy Niemeyer, Donald Newby, Judy Niemeyer, April Oldham, James Phipps, Keith Points, Linda Prewitt, Alli Reinhardt, Linda Reining, Ashley Rouland, Carl Sanders, Sandy Sanders, Don Schmidt, Jan Schumm, Dorothy Schwartzkopf, Crystal Seymour, Marcia B. Shafer, Morrie Smith, Guido Strotheide, Ron Summers, Mike Tischer, Konnie Trace, Chuck Trent, Truet Trusler, Louie Vache, Harry VanHoudnos, Debra Vaughn, Bob Veness, Retha Vincent, Vicky Vinyard, Connie Walls, Sam Wagner, Brooke Wankel, Steve Warmowski, Donna Watkins, Brenda Weaver, James Welch, Joette Welch, Evelyn Welles, Jimmie Werries, Mike Werries, Pat Whalen, Monica White, Tom White, Pam Wilson, and Karen Zink.