Birthplace: Jacksonville
Spouse: Josh
Children/ages: Owen, age 9; Dylan, age 7; and Evan, age 4
Nickname: Angie
Education/special training:
Some college
How long at Passavant/job title: Six years as a housekeeper
Previous work experience: Steak and Shake
Hobbies/special interests: Love my angels, scrapbooking, taking pictures of my kids and hubby, spending time with my family
Secret ambition: I’d like to return to school to be a nurse so I can help make everyone better!
How I describe myself: Quiet, friendly, easy-going, hard-working
Favorites: Holiday: Christmas; Season: Autumn and spring (my anniversary is in spring); Artist/Song: Bon Jovi songs; Vacation: I’d like to go to Disney World, Paris, and Australia; Movie: I like several different kinds of movies; Food: Steak and baked potato; Part of job: Being here doing my job and seeing everyone have a smile and good time together
Some of my job responsibilities: Keeping the hospital clean, germ-free, safe, and up to standards
Describe a time you went “above and beyond” in your job: I wouldn’t say I go above and beyond. I just come to work and do what needs to be done and make sure everything is clean for the next day. I work with a great department too. I couldn’t do my job without their support.
Why should individuals choose Passavant? Because everyone here is friendly and nice and deep down they really care about you and everyone 
And the nomination said: Angela always goes above and beyond when working in the Emergency Room. She maintains a friendly and positive attitude and always goes out of her way to help and do extra. She works hard!