Birthplace: Springfield, IL
Spouse: William
Children/ages: Emily, 26; Sarah, 25; Katherine, 21; and Lydia, 18
Nickname: My girls think it’s funny to call me “carrot.”
Education/special training: St. John’s School of Nursing; bachelor of science degree in nursing from the University of Phoenix
How long at Passavant/job title: 32 years/Registered Nurse. I started as a candy striper at Passavant my junior year in high school and then worked as a nursing assistant until I graduated from nursing school.
Hobbies/special interests: Landscaping, running, camping, and about anything outside. I love my weekends off to visit my two
granddaughters in Chicago (and the great shopping there!).
How I describe myself: Chatty, caring, likes challenge, love people of all ages and enjoy hearing their personal stories
Pets: Stitches, a cocker spaniel mix
Secret Ambition: To attend school to become a nurse practitioner. Dr. Eladasari says I’m NOT too old and I’d do well.
Favorites: Holiday: Christmas; Season: Summer; Food: Seafood and sweets; Song/Artist: Anything from Phil Collins and Elton
John; Vacation: When we took our camper west; stayed in the mountains, near the ocean, and visited places I’d always dreamed
about; Movie: The Notebook; Part of job: Knowing my patients so well. After all, I spend 12 hours a day with them, so who could
know them better? I love the interaction and trust that is established with close one-on-one acutely-ill patients.
Some of my job responsibilities: An accountable and responsible patient advocate. As primary caregiver, I assess and treat the patient in a critical care situation; ensure that life support equipment, such as ventilators and feeding tubes are functioning properly. Special attention is given to intense monitoring of the patient to detect signs of distress. I work closely with the
patient’s physician in relaying pertinent information to ensure timely, high quality care. Since many patients cannot talk or
interact in the ICU, family teaching and emotional support is also a priority.
Describe a time you went “above and beyond” in your job: I consider each day a driving challenge to go “above and beyond.”
Why should individuals choose Passavant? We have excellent personnel that makes us the “A Team.” At Passavant, patients are not just a number.
And the nomination said: “Amy is great at her job and her patients absolutely love her.”