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Main Number is (217) 245-9541

Department Phone Number
Administration 217-245-9541, ext. 3112
Ambulatory Surgery 217-245-9541, ext. 3167
Cafeteria 217-245-9541, ext. 3181
Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation 217-245-9541, ext. 3113
Central Scheduling 217-479-5696
Emergency Department 217-245-9541, ext. 3366
Foundation Office 217-479-5575
Gift Shop 217-245-9541, ext. 3186
Health Information Management (Medical Records) 217-245-9541, ext. 3374
Human Resources 217-245-9541, ext. 3391
Imaging Services (X-ray) 217-245-9541, ext. 3371
Intensive/Coronary Care Unit 217-245-9541, ext. 3171
Interpreter Services 217-245-9541, ext. 3508
Laboratory 217-245-9541, ext. 3191
Lifeline 2317-245-9541, ext. 3179
Marketing and Communications 217-245-9541, ext. 3129
Medicare/Insurance Consultant 217-479-5573
Nursing Administration 217-245-9541, ext. 3120
Obstetrics 217-245-9541, ext. 3210
Outpatient Clinic 217-245-9541, ext. 3022
Industrial Rehab/Aquatic Therapy 217-245-4640
Pastoral Care 217-245-9541, ext. 3299
Patient Financial Services (Patient Billing) 217-245-9541, ext. 3123
Patient Registration 217-245-9541, ext. 3134
Pediatrics 217-245-9541, ext. 3201
Quality Management 217-245-9541, ext. 3287
Rehabilitation Services
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Team Rehab
217-245-9541, ext. 3397
Social Services 217-245-9541, ext. 3006
Three South Nursing Unit 217-245-9541, ext. 3304
Transitional Care Unit 217-245-9541, ext. 3100
Two South Nursing Unit 217-245-9541, ext. 3204
Volunteer Office 217-245-9541, ext. 3199
Wound Center 217-479-5769

Colorectal Cancer Screening Kit Pick Up

Posted on: March 13, 2017

Passavant Area Hospital and the Mia Ware Foundation are again partnering to bring prevention and awareness for colorectal cancer with a screening kit pick up and Community Health Talk later this month. The free kits will be available Thursday, March 30, from 4 to 6 p.m. and Friday, March 31, from 9 to 11 a.m. in the circle drive at the main entrance to Passavant, 1600 W. Walnut. Individuals should simply drive up, fill out a short questionnaire, talk to a nurse, and then complete the kit at home. The kit is then mailed to Passavant, with test results returned by mail in three to four weeks. The screening kits are new this year and are more convenient with only one stool sample required. They use the fecal immunochemical test screening method for hemoglobin in the stool. The test is considered the new standard for early detection of blood in the stool, one of the early warning signs of colorectal cancer. Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S., but if detected early, 90 percent of those deaths are preventable. [caption id="attachment_14043" align="alignleft" width="150"] Jan Rakinic, MD[/caption] In addition to the free screening kits, Passavant is presenting a Community Health Talk on Friday, March 31, with Jan Rakinic, MD, Professor of Surgery, SIU School of Medicine; Chief, Section of Colorectal Surgery. Dr. Rakinic topic is “Screening for Colorectal Cancer: Is it Worth the Bother?” The program begins at 12 noon in Meeting Rooms 2 and 3 at Passavant. A complimentary lunch is included. Call 479-5800 to register.

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