Resident Policies


Your medications are administered by the nursing staff on physician’s orders and are stored in the Nurse’s medication area.

If you desire to administer your own medications while in the Transitional Care Unit, please discuss your wishes with the nursing staff.


Your family may bring in special foods from home as long as they meet your special medical needs. Please discuss this with the nurse or dietitian.

All foods brought into the Unit will need to be stored in airtight containers and marked with the resident’s name. A refrigerator is located on the unit for resident use.

Meals will be served at approximately 7:30 a.m.; 11:30 a.m.; and 4:45 p.m., with an evening snack around 8 p.m., if desired.


Since our focus is on rehabilitation and restoration, the environment here is more home-like. We will want you to wear your own clothes to assist in improving your overall well-being and prepare you for going home.

Your family or friends should bring you:

  • Two-three changes of comfortable street clothes
  • Socks and shoes (or slippers with firm soles)
  • Personal nightwear and robe


You will need your family or friends to do your personal laundry.

Hospital gowns will be provided by the facility, if needed.
In addition to clothing, you will need toiletries and, if desired, personal items such as reading materials, photographs and stationery.

If you wear glasses, dentures, hearing aids, or any prostheses, please bring them with a storage case with personal identification so they will not be lost or damaged when not in use.

Fire Alarms

The Transitional Care Unit conducts fire drills periodically. Should this occur during your stay, please remain in your room and do not be concerned.

Your bedroom door will be kept shut during the duration of the drill and reopened by facility staff.


The Transitional Care Unit is a smoke-free facility. The non-smoking regulations apply to both residents and visitors.


We ask that you leave valuables such as jewelry, credit cards, or large amounts of cash at home.

If you do have items of value with you, please ask the staff about securing them for you during your stay.

Visiting Guidelines

Updated August 13, 2021

Transmission of COVID-19 continues to be a risk in our communities. To enhance the safety of patients, visitors, and colleagues, special visitor restrictions are being implemented across all Memorial Health System sites of service. These restrictions will be reviewed and modified as the COVID-19 situation evolves and infection prevention guidance is updated.

Specific Guidelines:  Visitors will be permitted as follows:

  • No visitors are allowed for patients being treated for COVID-19 or patients being evaluated for COVID-19 until a COVID-19 infection is ruled out.
  • No visitors are allowed in Passavant Area Hospital's Transitional Care Unit (TCU)