Financial Arrangements

Financial arrangements should be made prior to your admission into the Transitional Care Unit. Should you have any difficulty in financing your stay, please contact our Clinical Director at the time of your admission.

The Transitional Care Unit is approved by Medicare and other health insurers.

Your insurance coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company. While we will cooperate to the fullest extent in expediting your claim, you are ultimately responsible for payment of your account in case of delay or denial of payment.

If your skilled care coverage is terminated or falls outside a benefit period, you will be charged for full daily rates including: room and board, pharmacy, therapy, laboratory, and supplies. You and/or a family member will be informed in advance in order to plan an appropriate discharge.

If you decide to remain on this unit after coverage has expired, please contact the Business Office to obtain financial information and make the appropriate arrangements.

The insurance consultants provide assistance and information related to your admission to the Unit and answer your questions about financing your stay.

Any questions regarding Medicare can be answered by Lorna Legreid, Medicare Consultant, by calling (217)245-9541, extension 5573.

Any questions regarding private insurance can be answered by Deanette Schwanke RN or Barb Knott Insurance Specialist (217)245-9541, extension 5690.


As long as you continue to qualify for skilled nursing and rehabilitative services, Medicare covers all medically necessary treatment, including room and board, up to a specified number of days:

The first 20 days of your stay are covered at 100%, if medically necessary.

The Medicare co-payment is $167.50/day for days 21-100.

Pharmacy supplies, medication, therapy, and laboratory services are also covered.

If you are admitted under Medicare, you are responsible for the co-insurance portion of the plan if there is no other policy to cover it.

You may apply any additional insurance coverage to the co-insurance portion of your bill.

Physician services rendered to Medicare patients are generally covered under Part B and are billed separately.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Policies

Some supplemental insurance policies pay all co-insurance costs during a Medicare qualified stay. Eligibility requirements vary by policy. Questions concerning your supplemental insurance policy should be directed to your insurance agent.

The Medicare Consultant will verify any supplemental coverage, provided all insurance information is submitted prior to admission.


Our entire staff is available to you and your family members to help ease your transition after discharge.

The Transitional Care Unit continuity care planner can connect you with a comprehensive range of personal, family, and community resources upon discharge. A list can be obtained by calling the continuity care planner at (217)245-9541, extension 5690

The Interdisciplinary Team and physician will use professional judgment to determine when you do not require skilled nursing or rehabilitation and can be discharged.

If you request to be discharged against the physician’s advice, the unit will not be held liable for any injuries, harm, or complications resulting from your discharge.

Please tell the person who is taking you home to notify the nursing staff when she or he arrives.

For your safety and convenience, a staff member will take you by wheelchair to the hospital entrance to meet your ride.