Team Rehab

Team Rehab is an outreach sports rehabilitation and physical therapy service for high school athletes in west central Illinois. 

We offer access to:

  • State-of-the-art weight training and cardiovascular equipment
  • Sports enhancement and wellness services
  • On-site sport skill analysis

What services does Team Rehab provide?

  • Comprehensive approach to sports rehabilitation
  • Pre-season screenings to detect and treat potential problem areas and reduce the chance of injury
  • On-site athletic trainers for weekly school visits, practice coverage, and game coverage
  • Clinics for coaches and athletes to provide the latest information for the development of team programs
  • Injury clinics (mentor physician involvement)
  • Concussion evaluation and management

Who is Team Rehab?

Team Rehab is staffed by licensed physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, and other physical therapy staff.

What if an athletic injury requires specific medical attention?

Team Rehab members are specially-trained in physical injury assessment. They will provide consultation in selecting the proper medical facility for treatment.

Is Team Rehab physician affiliated?

Yes. Team Rehab works with physicians on the medical staff at Passavant Area Hospital and Springfield Clinic.

Is follow-up medical care offered?

Yes. Follow-up medical is offered, on an as-needed basis, through physicians on the medical staff at Passavant and through the staff and services offered by Passavant’s Rehabilitation Services Department.

How do I initiate services with Team Rehab?

Call 217-245-9541, extension 3397, to talk with a member of Team Rehab. You will be provided information to establish the most productive program for your school and Team Rehab.