I am having my hip/knee replaced. What do I do to prepare for surgery?

Your preparation for surgery begins 4-6 weeks before you get to the hospital. We have prepared a timeline so you know what to expect before and after you have a hip or knee replacement.

You will also receive specific instructions about what you should do the day before your surgery and the morning you arrive for surgery.

Your doctor or nurse may give you other directions you must follow. These directions are for your safety, and to ensure you have the best and fastest recovery possible.

Is joint replacement surgery painful? What can be done to control my pain?

Many people worry about the pain of having a knee or hip replaced. And while there will be some pain, we will do all we can to manage your pain after surgery and as you recover.

Our JointWorks team members are experts in pain management. Learn more about how we can work with you to reduce your pain, and get you back to a healthy, active life after joint replacement surgery.

How do I sign up for patient education classes before my knee/hip replacement surgery?

When your physician schedules you for surgery, we will send you information about the patient education classes. As soon as you receive this information, call to register for a class. There is no cost.

These classes have been created especially for people who are preparing for knee or hip surgery. You will learn about what the surgery is, what happens during surgery, and what you will need to do as you recover in the hospital and at home.

If you have questions or need information, call us at 217-757-4298, or toll free at 800-956-2436.

My doctor told me I am a good candidate for Patient Optimization. What is that?

In partnership with the Memorial Weight Loss & Wellness Center, The Patient Optimization program works to lower surgical and improve surgery results. It is a multi-week individualized treatment plan to prepare you for your orthopedic surgery. You will have expert medical, lifestyle, physical and nutritional specialists – all within the Memorial Health System team of experts. 

If you would like to be considered for Patient Optimization, talk to your primary care provider or surgeon. Together you can decide if the program will meet your health needs.