Before Surgery

Please complete everything on this checklist as you prepare for your surgery.

  • Complete pre-op work-up with primary care doctor (history and physical exam, blood work, EKG, etc.).
  • If you see a specialist for any medical condition, you may need clearance before surgery. Ask your primary care doctor or surgeon if you need to make an appointment.
  • Complete MRSA nasal swab screen within four to 14 days before surgery.
  • Stop aspirin and other blood thinners seven days before surgery, as directed by your doctor.
  • Ibuprofen, herbal supplements, NSAIDS, and most arthritis medicines must also stop seven days before surgery. Check with your doctor for specific instructions.
  • Schedule dental exam prior to your surgery.
  • Complete medication list with all prescriptions, over-the-counter medication and supplements, including herbals.
  • Prepare home for your return.
  • You will be given ice packs in the hospital. Please take them home with you. If more are needed, you can make some with the following recipe: fill zip-top plastic bags with the following ratio, to your desired size: 1 cup rubbing alcohol; 2 cups water. Place in freezer.
  • Call insurance company to ask about coverage and co-pay for home health, skilled nursing home, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation.
  • Bathe two separate times with special soap (Hibiclens) the evening before and morning of surgery.
  • No food or drink after midnight before surgery (or as directed by surgeon).
  • On the day of surgery, take only medications as instructed by your doctor with a very small sip of water.
  • Think of one goal you’d like to accomplish after your rehabilitation and smile…you are on your way!