Interventional Radiology

Interventional Radiology uses Ultrasound, CT, or fluoroscopy to perform minimally invasive procedures. IR physicians have expertise in guiding small needles or catheters into the body through tiny incisions to diagnose or treat disease. Recovery time is much faster with IR than conventional surgery.

Imaging Services offers a multitude of IR procedures including:

  • Biopsy: Breast, Solid Organs, Soft Tissue Mass, Thyroid, Lymph Node
  • Drainage: Cyst, Abdomen, Chest, Joint, Abscess
  • Injection for Joint Pain
  • Arthrography
  • Spinal Myelography
  • Lumbar Puncture

Your physician will schedule your IR appointment, discuss details of the procedure with you and instructions for arrival. You may be asked to stop certain medications prior to your IR procedure.

Upon arrival to the hospital for your appointment, Imaging Services staff will discuss the procedure with you, complete the necessary paperwork, and assist the IR physician with the procedure. After the procedure is complete, Imaging Services staff will explain post-procedure instructions and a copy of the discharge instructions will be given to you to take home.

In most cases, a dressing is applied to the incision, and stitches are not necessary.

Once the procedure is completed, the IR physician will interpret a report of the procedure. This report will be available for your physician.

If a biopsy is performed, your ordering physician will contact you with the results.

If you have questions, please call the Imaging Services Department, 217-245-9541, ext. 3371.