Prenatal Class Schedule

Family Maternity Suites offers education throughout pregnancy and beyond, ensuring that you have all the information you need to help your baby get a healthy start in life.

Prepared Childbirth Education Class

Taught by trained and certified instructors, the Childbirth Education Class is designed for women in their sixth month of pregnancy and their coaches. The class covers the birth process, including breathing and relaxation techniques, c-section preparation, discomforts associated with pregnancy and the tools (for instance, epidurals) for coping with the discomforts of labor and delivery. The class also reviews feeding options and advantages of breastfeeding. A tour of Family Maternity Suites is included.  There is no cost to attend; however, registration is required.

Breastfeeding 101

This class will prepare expectant parents for a successful breastfeeding experience. A certified lactation counselor will inform new moms and dads about how breastfeeding works, getting off to a good start, what to expect at the hospital, what to expect in the first weeks and months, breast pumps and milk storage, returning to work, weaning and more. Partners and doulas are encouraged to attend. 

Breastfeeding Support Group

The Breastfeeding Support Group meets the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, is open to all breastfeeding mothers and babies.

For more information on any of the classes, please call 217-479-5800, or sign-up to receive an email listing of classes.

Breastfeeding 101 08/16/2021
Breastfeeding 101 10/18/2021
Breastfeeding 101 12/20/2021
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