Partial Hospitalization Center

Help for those who are suffering

Passavant’s Adult Partial Hospitalization Program provides more frequent and comprehensive therapy than traditional outpatient settings. Our facility serves adults who are at least 18 years old and require more intensive treatment to help stabilize mood, manage depressive symptoms and restore mental health. We also assist people ready for discharge from an inpatient setting who need a structured and intensive therapeutic environment as they progress toward wellness.

Our program provides five hours of group therapy each weekday in a highly structured setting. Treatment includes psychotherapy and cognitive education groups led by qualified professionals. Participants return home during the evening and weekends. 

Family members and friends can learn more about the program in a one-time group session.

For referrals or for more information please call:

Passavant Partial Hospitalization Center
559 N. Westgate
Jacksonville, IL 62650
(Northwest corner of Passavant Hospital Campus)

Phone:  217-479-5646