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Thank you for contacting Passavant Area Hospital (PAH). Please use the form below to make your request.

Passavant demonstrates its support for health, wellness and fitness through sponsorship of local not-for profit events and programming. Passavant Area Hospital receives numerous requests from community organizations for donations, sponsorships and participation in special events. As a nonprofit organization, we must give careful consideration to whether and to what extent these requests support our hospital’s mission.

We also strive to address our identified community priorities of obesity, mental health, and access to care. Preference will be given to supporting community programs that are improving the health status and quality of life for underserved, low income or vulnerable members of our communities.

Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations, tax-exempt entities and other organizations may submit a request for support a minimum of six weeks in advance. Completion of this application does not guarantee funding of your request. Please be prepared to submit your organization’s IRS W-9 form where requested in the request form below. If you do not have a W-9 form, you can find information on the IRS website.

Organizations interested in support for programs consistent with this mission should submit their request using the form below. Questions can be referred to . Forms are also available in the Marketing and Communications Office. For more information, call 217-245-9541, ext. 3129.

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We will contact you within two weeks of receiving your request. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address supplied.

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