Community Benefit

Memorial Health System 2018 Community Benefit Report

Community Health Needs Assessment

As a not-for-profit, community owned healthcare organization we take seriously the responsibility entrusted to us. Our mission guides us as we help the people and communities we serve. It is a mission that we live out in a variety of ways.

We recognize our responsibility for providing the highest quality healthcare, regardless of one’s ability to pay. Passavant provides important and meaningful resources to help ensure that those who are without health insurance receive the care they need when confronted with illness or injury.

We also recognize that unfortunate occasions arise when patients are not able to pay for their medical care and are not eligible for federal or state medical assistance programs. Through our charity care program, Passavant provides financial assistance to patients unable to pay for their medical services.

As a tax-exempt organization, the Passavant staff also returns benefits to our communities through many community service projects, as well as health education and prevention initiatives such as:

  • Community Health Screenings
  • Team Rehab
  • Doorbell Dinners
  • Support Groups
  • Discover Healthcare Summer Camp
  • Education and Training Support for Regional EMS
  • Free rides home on WCMT
  • Breastfeeding Education

In all, Passavant provided $19 million in community benefits to the citizens of Morgan, Cass, Greene, Scott, Macoupin counties, and portions of Brown and northern Pike counties in FY2018. That total includes $13.042 million in unpaid Medicaid, $1.736 million in patient financial assistance, and $4.223 million in other community programs.

Impacting Community Health: 2018 Community Health Need Assessment Implementation Strategies

Our 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment revealed that many factors unrelated to health care actually drive the overall health of our community. Many of the health conditions identified in our research can be linked to social issues. Understanding that by improving health factors, we can improve health outcomes of the community, much of our implementation strategy involves work outside the hospital to explore how we can partner with community agencies to address social issues as a means to improve overall health in Morgan County.

Common themes drove our process to identify our final priorities on which our three-year strategies were developed. Detailed information on Passavant’s community health need assessment and outcomes of the implementation strategies is available at ChooseMemorial.org/HealthyCommunities.

Passavant 2019-2021 Priorities

  • Access to Care
  • Mental Health
  • Substance Abuse

Please Take a Look at Your Community Dashboard.

What makes a healthy community? Please take a look at the community dashboard and Healthy People 2020 data provided on this website. A multitude of issues combine to determine the health of a community. In addition to diseases, community health is affected by substance abuse, educational attainment, economic status, environmental issues and the personal choices of the people who make up that community. No one single hospital, agency or governmental body can be entirely responsible for the health of its community. No organization can address the multitude of issues alone.

Memorial Health System hopes you will review the community dashboards provided here for Sangamon, Logan, Christian and Morgan counties, as well as the county demographics, Healthy People 2020 Tracker and many other features. This information may help your organization identify ways you can work with others in your community to address issues and improve health outcomes. When reviewing data, please be sure to select the county in the drop-down box that you wish to review.