One hundred thirty-two persons persons donated blood to the Central Illinois Community Blood Center during the March blood drives at Passavant Area Hospital.

The Central Illinois Community Blood Center holds monthly blood drives at Passavant Area Hospital on the first and second Tuesday of each month from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Blood is drawn in Meeting Room 4, just off the Main Lobby. New donors are continually sought. More information about the Central Illinois Community Blood Center program may be obtained by calling 753-1530 in Springfield, or 245-9541, extension 3694, during the Blood Center visits to Passavant.

The only new donor for March was Scott McGinnis.

Platelet donors for March included: Roger Allen, Emmet Braswell, Christine Carls, Herschel Carriger, Dave Deweese, James Lankford, Shawn Lovekamp, Tracy Smith, and Roxy Werries.

The complete donor list for March includes: Marta Adams, Clem Anders, Bob Ashby, Emma Baldwin, Tom Baptist, Tim Barber, Jo Anne Beard, Mark Bieber, Mike Bergschneider, Everett Birdsell, Stephen Brewers, Ann Brockhouse, Sarah Brogdon, James Bunch, Deb Burrus, Sarah Bye, Mike Carls, Jerry Carriger, Ed Casey, Tom Cisne, Tom Clanton, Kaye Coop, James Coultas, Ronnet Crawford, Stephanie Croak, Marion Cromien, Judy Cummings, Barb Davenport, Emerald Dixon, Emmy Dixon, Bill Doolin, Ken Douglas, John Edwards, Brittany Eilers, Linda K. Elledge, Aaron Evans, Harold Wayne Eyer, Jr., Jensen Flinn, Steve Flynn, Dianna Follis, Jeff Follis, David Forsman, Maris Gent, Sandra Gregory, Carolyn Hadden, Beth Hankins, Janell Harbour, Scott Harbour, Emily Hart, Margaret Hendricks, Robert Hester, Chuck Hill, Gary Hickox, Darlene Hinds, Mathias Hollendonner, Tamarya Howard, Alyson Jenkins, Pat Johnson, Clarissa Karrick, Beth Kershaw, Steve King, Sandy Knight, Ron Lacy, Amy Lahey, John Langdon, Mark Langdon,  Rita Lawless, Randall Lawson, Anita Lawton, Doris Lawton, Tom Leeper, Kim Long, Gerald Lorton, Larry Ludwig, Kathy Maul, Nancy Mawson, Bob McCollister, Richard McCormick, Lisa McElfresh, Rachel McGuire, Joe McManus, Daniel Metz, Heather Michael, Brian Millard, Phyllis Miller, Maryjane Million, Newton Mitchell, Kendra Moore, Lindsay Mullen, Kathy Mussat, Pat Nevins, Don Newby, Rita Northrup, Robert Northrup, Jim Phipps, Keith Points, Patti Quigg, Patricia Richardson, Sandy Sanders, Marcia Shafer, Debbi Scott, Elizabeth Sievers, Bill Sims, Amanda Still, Alice Taylor, Mike Tischer, Kaitlyn Toland, Louis Vache, Harry Vanhoudnos, Casey Vannier, Debra Vaughn, Peggy Verdeyen, Steve Warmowski, Tiffany Warmowski, Dean Welch, Jimmie Werries, Brian Whitaker, Monica White, Steve Whitton, and Darrell Wynn.