One hundred twenty six persons persons donated blood to the Central Illinois Community Blood Center during the February blood drives at Passavant Area Hospital.

The Central Illinois Community Blood Center holds monthly blood drives at Passavant Area Hospital on the first and second Tuesday of each month from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Blood is drawn in Meeting Room 4, just off the Main Lobby. New donors are continually sought. More information about the Central Illinois Community Blood Center program may be obtained by calling 753-1530 in Springfield, or 245-9541, extension 3694, during the Blood Center visits to Passavant.

New donors for February were: Michael Bahr, Samuel Higgins, Krista Jiroutek, Jacob Jokisch, and Jerry Waters.

Platelet donors for February included: Roger Allen, Emmett Braswell, Herschel Carriger, David Deweese, Randy Duvendack, James Lankford, Nancy Lewis, Lois Pitchford, Tracy Smith, and Roxy Werries.

The complete donor list for February includes: Dawn Akers, Steven Anders, Charles Ater, Larry Balthis, Ryan Balthis, Laura Benz, Patricia Boldt, Pauline Boring, Gregory Boyer, Wendell Braley, Linda Brown, Katie Brunk, Stanley Burnham, Eddie Carpenter, Brenda Chaudoin, Robert Chipman, Gregory Clayton, Harold Collins, Mary Coultas, William Craddock, Cheryl Cox, Paul Craig, Mary Crawford, Nicole Criss, George Curry, Edward DeGroot, Patricia Dixon, Jason Doyle, Bobett Dunphy, Martha Estey, Andrew Feller, Peggy Fernandes, Charles Frank, William Frisch, Jay Gomer, Patricia Gooding, John Greeling, Carole Hack, Penny Hall, Rex Harr, Betty Hillig, Amanda Hopkins, Mark Hopkins, Paul Hubbard, Tina Hungerford, Linda Hurst, Doris Huseman, Barbara Hymes, James Jokisch, Thomas Keegan, Morocca Kells, Lucinda King, Deborah Lair, Mary Lakamp, Mary Lakin, Howard Langdon, Kathleen Langdon, Mary Lawson, Judith Leak, Jared Leake, Diane Lepper, Ronald Little, George Lomelino, Nicola Lomelino, Sandra Lonergan, Amanda Luck, Macel Lyons, Richard Lyons, Michael May, Helen Mayberry, Robert McCollister, Fred McCord, Thomas Meehan, Robert Nicolet, Judy Niemeyer, James Oliver, Richard Ommen, Roger Ore, Kimberly Pohlman, Bonnie Rich, Patricia Richardson, Jamie Robison, Deborah Rothfuss, Donald Schmidt, Jeffrey Schulte, Gary Scott, Richard Scott, Joseph Sheehan, Larry Sitton, Linda Smock, James Stocker, Jeffrey Strate, Larry Strubbe, Ronald Summers, Kendra Swain, Gary Trent, Kathryn Turner, Sandra VanBebber, Alexis Vincent, Victoria Vinyard, Sarah Wallace, Brian Ward, James Welch, Patricia Whalen, Sheila Williams, and Darrell Wynn.